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Who Are We?

Launched in September of 2016, Ultrapopland is the newest driving force behind all things pop culture and entertainment. Based in the beautiful, burgeoning city of Boise, ID, our perspective comes from a unique vantage point—somehow both small and rapidly growing larger, the PNW is a welcoming place for eclectic artists of all denominations

Our passions are music, movies, TV, comic books—all things creative and influential. Pop culture here is about the artistry behind it. We seek to shine a light on budding artists of all platforms, provide insight into their influence, and connect the often disassociated creator to their creativity’s fanbase.

Our team explores their own interests and passions then reports on them with an interpretation that provides an honest, unbiased point of view that actively invites viewers to offer their own opinions.

We are opening the door to push boundaries, come thru fam.

Meet the Squad

Courtney Datu

President + Editor-in-Chief

Vijay Das

Music Editor + Celebrity Corespondent

Bryan Washington

Movie + TV Editor

Bryan enjoys long walks on the beach, kittens, comics, video games and is a proud Libra. He also avidly follows all things movies, especially those of the horror genre. He is the host of Ultrapopland’s Popcorn Break and is constantly striving to bring you all the most awesome television and movie content you can possibly devour. Like, follow and share for a date.

Sara Zagorski

Music Author

A self-proclaimed music aficionado, Sara spends her days dreaming up music videos to a myriad of genres and actively looking into the stories and influences behind her favorite songs. Equally interested in television, aspiring artists, and all things pop culture, her writing often reflects a very short attention span. If anything she writes ever offends you, know it was meant to be delivered humorously.

Keegan Sablan

Comic Contributor