Introducing Bella Mae

Dream a little dream of who you want me to be…

Bella Mae is a 16 year old rising star in a city and state that doesn’t provide much platform to performers of her calibur. She writes her own songs, sings them with a passion and depth that alludes many people her age, and fills rooms with a presence that inspires and encourages curiosity. Her talent and voice are raw, both unrefined and unshaped by the pop music machine, so every line – written carefully and with such force – carries with it the organic impression of her emotions.

Bella Mae is a force of nature, ready to be seen and embraced by those looking for a dose of honesty with their musical intake.

In our interview with Bella, we got learn about her sound, her early journey as an artist, and what she hopes for the future:

Who do you make music for?

“I make music for anyone who will listen. I make music for anyone that can find comfort and solitude in my art. My music is for anyone who craves something real.”

Who are your biggest musical influences?

“I tend to find inspiration from all over the place – I have tremendous admiration for the greats such as The Beatles and Adele. However, I listen mostly to under-appreciated artists; Banks, Emeli Sandé, Billie Eilish, Rex Orange County, and Mark Diamond to name a few.

That being said, I always challenge myself to respect and appreciate all music.”

Tell us about your process as a songwriter, where do you pull your inspiration from?

“As a songwriter, I have no absolute process. I cannot write songs on command – no matter what. My influx of musical art is entirely sporadic and uncontrollable. Personally, I think that keeps things as real as they could possibly be. I pull inspiration from the people around me. As a teenage girl who goes to high school every day, I am fortunately surrounded by hundreds of overwhelmingly interesting people. My inspiration comes from observing those people.”

What are your goals/dreams as an artist?

“I want to do very big things in very big places with very big people. My goal isn’t to be famous, rich, or popular. I want to make real music that means something. I want people to feel something when they listen because they can appreciate my authenticity. That is my true dream.”

Bella Mae is simultaneously beginning a career as a model

We hung out with the young songstress on set of her first photoshoot –

check out our behind the scenes video:

What else are you passionate about other than singing/songwriting?

“I am passionate about fashion, pop culture, photography, modeling, and piano. I’m a very extreme person and whatever I am passionate about consumes me.”

Tell us about your first time performing for a live audience:

“My first time performing for a live audience was last April at my school talent show. My music just came out on SoundCloud and everyone was buzzing with their opinions. With all the love I was getting for the music, I also received a tremendous amount of negative comments. High school is difficult to say the least. To be honest, I had no idea I was “talented” or could sing until that talent show. The positive energy I received from the crowd was undeniable and overwhelming, and that’s why I love performing.”

What can we expect from your upcoming album?

“My upcoming album can easily be described as a silver platter with all my feelings, love stories, tragedies, and heartbreaks on it. The album is me, my heart, and is as real as it gets. Expect vulnerability and authenticity. That is what you’re going to get”

If there was something you could tell your younger self, what would that be?

“I would tell my younger self: ‘anything can happen no matter who tries to tell you differently. You can love anyone. You can be anyone. You can go anywhere. You can do anything.’ I had no idea of that as a child.”

What artist would be your dream collaboration with and why?

“My dream collaboration would have to be with Billie Eilish. She’s 16 years old but an incredible old soul. Talented and fresh. I think she’s amazing and I want any piece or part of it I can get.”

Bella has years and experiences ahead of her that are sure to inspire more poetry and emotion, should you chose to follow her journey. With a talent and passion like her’s, we’re all too excited to see what future songs she breathes life into.

Bella’s debut album is set to release Fall 2018

*official album date and title to be announced*


Photos: Paul Bellinger

Talent Agency: Tatum Productions

Wardrobe Styling: Tina Tatum

Makeup: Leah Dmitruk


Footage: Courtney Datu

Production: Graphic Content Media and Ultrapopland


“Rest in Pieces” written and performed by: Bella Mae

Produced by: Darian Renee

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