Trying to stay PC Principal this Halloween?

We can help! Or, well, we can try. Someone will probably still get offended somehow. (PC Principal did not make this list as he often resorts to violence and all things South Park are inherently offensive*)

Got a PC costume you’d like to suggest? Comment below!

1. Any Superhero or Villain

As long as you’re not running around screaming about the supremacy of your chosen superhero, you should be good. But keep them in the Marvel/DC/Inanimate-Object Superhero range or else you’re on your own.

2. Game of Thrones Characters

A crowd pleaser. Who doesn’t want to be the fourth Daenerys to show up to your office-mate Jim’s infamous Halloween shindig? Bonus points if your bring a Jon Snow and he’s related to you. But, wait, only be them if you’re the same race. And Tyrion is off-limits unless you are a little person.

3. An Inanimate Object

*This guy does not count and you should not be him, ever

A marshmallow, a stop sign, a gumball machine, a snowflake–no, wait, not that last one. You get the point. Show everyone you’re here for a good, clean time!

4. Generic Athlete

*Will Ferrell might offend someone

What team do you play on? Has he/she ever won rookie of the year? No one knows! Because you didn’t pick a real person because real people have ethnicities and traits you probably don’t have, so don’t try and pretend!

5. A Stormtrooper

That’s it, cover your entire body, say nothing. You’ll offend no one. This is the last entry. Everything else has been ruined. But don’t point your gun at anyone, unless it has alcohol in it.

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