Seriously. Think about it. What else is happening?

Not nothing, except Bodak Yellow Holding Strong at #3 on Billboard’s Top 100

Thank God for Cardi B

And it’s just like finally. Finally, we get a female rapper who’s entire struggle to just make music is thoroughly documented via all social media platforms. There, laid bare, is proof that Cardi B isn’t just a manufactured female-rap byproduct either, carried by her label-mates or determined to make her entire career off headlines snatched by her beef with the former-mentioned female rapper. (Sorry, Nicki, there’s just no one else to talk about right now except you and Remy.)

So I’m here to say hallelujah, I’m here for Cardi, both her mixtapes, and the foray into official rap debut her deal with Atlantic has allowed her, a debut of which the lead single has already been decided as ‘Bodak Yellow.’

Cardi B has been a public figure for quite some time now…

…but still, to see a song produced by a star not known for her music, and to see it rise so swiftly to number 3, is quite a feat. Most songs that gain that sort of popularity are bolstered by an infectious dance or accompanying meme. Neither of these things has stemmed from Bodak yet, though in some regards Cardi herself has all the makings of a human meme. She made a name for herself on Instagram with videos starring monologues of irreverent opinions and wise words from the streets of New York.

When MTV caught wind of her larger than life persona, they immediately cast her as a star on ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York,’ but Cardi was always much larger than b-rated reality stardom. Once her manager convinced her to start rapping, and the rapping started to fall in line with the one-liners and quips that made her so popular online, it was bound to blow.

So far she has two mixtapes out, Gangsta Bitch Music Vol 1 & 2, and so far I’ve dedicated the majority of my time to listening to ‘Lick (feat. Offset)’ and waiting breathlessly for the next single to follow ‘Bodak Yellow.’

How is it that Bodak has managed this inspiring rise to the top-5? As the writers over at the NY Times mentioned, it’s interesting to note that the other two songs above her are both latino-driven tracks, ‘Despacito’ maintaining its number one reign, and ‘Wild Thoughts’ right behind it, a rebirth of the classic 2000 song ‘Maria Maria’ that earned Santana a number one spot when it debuted, as well. Cardi actually just released a Spanish remix of ‘Bodak Yellow,’ which makes sense considering her Dominican and Trinidadian heritage are evidenced in the inflection of both her raps and spoken words.

Cardi B is an artist who has fought tooth and nail to reach where she’s at today, and the story can be found on her Instagram, Twitter and wherever else you choose to look. She wasn’t discovered then re-designed at the hands of a well-established rapper and his label (sorry Nicki, I know I keep saying this, but I do still love you.) She’s been fighting to get this far forever. She just got done performing a much-acclaimed rendition of her first single at the VMA’s. And she’s only 24. Let that soak in.

Because, if you’re anything like me, you’ll realize that while she spent that time monetizing her social media platform over years for the big payout, AKA her record deal with Atlantic, you’ve spent your time reading various online articles and breathing slightly heavier out your nose at memes that will never pay you out.

Bless us, Cardi B.

I’m here for your bars, and your hilariously delivered wisdom.

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