A few days ago a jury cleared three members of Taylor Swift’s camp of defamation.

DJ David Mueller was fired after his bosses were contacted in regard to an allegation that he had groped Swift. The civil suit revolved around the allegation that Mueller inappropriately touched Swift during a 2013 meet-and-greet at Pepsi Center Arena in Denver. In 2015 Mueller sued Swift, her mother Andrea, and her radio promotions director Frank Bell seeking approximately $3 million in damages. Swift won her countersuit for a dollar for assault and battery.

Taylor was unwavering, sometimes biting, and honest in her testimony. She had a confidence and resolve that inspired the fuck out of me. Of course, the internet had its opinions…it always does. Some were angry, saying Swift was doing an injustice to the rape survivors who will never approach police about their assault. Some were happy, praising Taylor Swift the way she held herself in court and for standing up for women. Some were silent, oddly enough it seemed to be the same people who were angry with Taylor for donating money to Kesha when she was in the middle of her own legal dispute with Dr. Luke.

But now, Swift’s social media has gone dark (she has completely removed all traces on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr including bios, profile pictures, and those she followed) and the internet has lit itself ablaze with fan theories. We dove deep into the underbelly of the net to try and find out what she has planned.

It has been three years since her last album announcement and her announcements typically happen in August. According to reddit fans, Taylor Swift’s website was running a javascript code that, when you downstep from each of the letters (i.e. b becomes a), translates to “that’s what they don’t see”.

Her site is now unable to be opened by Safari. There are theories of TS6 having a black theme due to her social media blackout, there’s a space-theme theory because of an alleged screenshot of her tumblr color theme coding being space themed, there are rumors that the new album will be about time/the eclipse.

We have no idea what Taylor Swift has up her sleeve, or when we will find out. What we do know is that if we ever go missing, we want Swifties on the case.

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