Spidey’s Threads – The Many Suits of Spider-Man [Part 2]

Swinging back into Spidey’s closet to bring you the rest of his wardrobe collection!

(Disclaimer: Again, this list is inclusive of only the suits and armors used by the Peter Parker of Earth 616 in Marvel Comics.)

Check out Part 1 here.


Electro Proof

When Spider-Man villain Electro gained an increase in power, Spider-Man donned this new electric-proof suit in order to confront him alongside the X-Men (Amazing Spider-Man #425). The suit’s padded insulation protected Spider-Man from the bolts that Electro threw at him, no matter how strong they were.


I am Captain Universe!

When in possession of the Uni Power (Enigma Force) and becoming Captain Universe, Spider-Man’s suit also gained an upgrade alongside his upgraded powers (Amazing Spider-Man #329). Unlike most recipients of the Uni Power, Spider-Man’s version of the Captain Universe suit did not leave his mouth and chin exposed, instead resembling the lower part of his standard Spider-Man suit’s mask. The rest of the suit resembles a full body spandex suit that is entirely white up to the chest area, arms and mask (except for the lower part of the mask) which are black with blue highlights decorated with stars (as if the top section of the suit were space itself) complimented by white designs that resemble bonded molecules.


Clone Hunter

At a time when Peter Parker was sent to prison for a crime committed by his clone, Kaine, he escaped to find that Kaine abducted his pregnant wife Mary Jane. Making his way to their home, he finds the Scarlet Spider (Parker’s other clone) and a third Spider-Man clone in the aftermath of Mary Jane’s kidnapping (Spider-Man Vol 1 #58: Mark of Kaine Pt 3). Donning the mask and gloves of his black suit along with jeans, a t-shirt, and a leather jacket, Parker begins the hunt alongside the Scarlet Spider for his amoral clone to rescue his wife and unborn child!


Iron Spider Armor

During Marvel Comic’s first Civil War event (Civil War Vol 1 #1), the superhero community was divided by the Superhero Registration Act; those who supported the registration bill lead by Iron Man, and those who opposed it lead by Captain America. Just like in the Captain America: Civil War film, Iron Man approached Spider-Man to join his side and support the registration bill which included revealing his secret identity to the public eye. After accepting his offer, Iron Man revealed an upgraded Spider-Man suit; the Iron Spider armor (Amazing Spider-Man #529).

This suit was made from nanotechnology which operated many of the suit’s functions such as life support and communications systems. Unlike the suit Iron Man gave to Peter Parker in the film, this suit was designed in the classic red and gold Iron Man colors to show the public that Spider-Man supported the bill and Iron Man with gold colored lenses, a gold spider emblem that covers a larger area of his torso, golden gauntlets and boots with the rest of the suit red in color.

The suit featured many capabilities seen and not seen in the film version of the suit, such as spinnerette and stinger ports for Spider-Man’s biological webbing and spider stingers on the forearms. The suit also housed three mechanical spider arms (called waldoes) that extend from the small backpack on the suit that can be used for many situations such as manipulating objects and seeing in multiple directions with cameras at the tip of each arm which send video feedback to the lenses of the mask. Other features include a gliding device, mask filter, enhanced lenses with heads up display inside the mask, camouflage capabilities that allow the suit to change its appearance back to the classic red and blue design, self repair functions for the suit itself, temperature control for the wearer, radio transmission scanners and receivers, impact resistance to small caliber firearms, and more. The suit also allowed Tony Stark aka Iron Man to track his whereabouts and control the suit’s movements even while Spider-Man was wearing it.

Spider-Man used the Iron Spider armor while part of Iron Man’s pro-Registration unit. Eventually, Spider-Man lost faith in the registration bill and switched sides to Captain America’s Secret Avengers to fight against it, abandoning the Iron Spider armor.


See No Spider, Hear No Spider

When Peter Parker landed a new job at Horizon Labs, a former heroic Green Goblin Phil Urich took up the mantle of the Hobgoblin. Spider-Man had his work cut out for him when the new villainous Hobgoblin attacked him with his Lunatic Laugh (Amazing Spider-Man #649). Using his resources at Horizon Labs, Peter Parker created a new stealth suit in order to combat against the Hobgoblin’s sonic scream. This suit is black with neon colored lenses and spider emblem that glows certain colors while in use and had many features, mainly the Camo and Anti Sound Modes.

While in Camo Mode the lights on the costume glow neon green. When activated the suit can become invisible to both audio and visual means with the exception of the green lights that glow on the suit that can only be seen through certain lenses. This includes the lenses of the suit itself so Spider-Man can see himself while he is invisible.

Anti Sound Mode changes the lights on the costume to neon red and cancels out all sound-based attacks to whoever is wearing the suit. This renders the Hobgoblin’s Lunatic Laugh and any other sonic attacks useless against him. This also disrupts all attempts to communicate with Spider-Man with sound while he is using Anti Sound Mode, and vice-versa.

The suit itself is made of unstable molecules (like the Fantastic Four’s suits and his Future Foundation suit) making it fireproof and capable of repairing itself. The suit also contains a new weapon known as Anti-Metal Spiders. Created from Antarctic Vibranium, these miniature spiders are shot from the wrist and can be used to melt metal objects.


Fearless Spider

During a crossover event known as Fear Itself, Spider-Man and many other Marvel heroes faced off against Odin’s older brother Cul Borson aka The Serpent. The Serpent used eight mystical hammers to turn many heroes and villains into his elite warriors known as The Worthy (similar to Mjolnir granting the powers of Thor to those who wield it) who proceeded to then spread fear all over the Earth which strengthened The Serpent. Spider-Man alongside eight other heroes were then given special armor and weapons made of Uru metal (the same material that makes up Thor’s hammer Mjolnir) created by Tony Stark and the Dwarves of Nidavellir in order to combat against The Serpent and his Worthy (Fear Itself #7). Being made of Uru metal, it has the capacity to hold and absorb magical energies and is highly durable. Spider-Man’s Uru armor is entirely blue and included Spider-Man’s classic web-shooters as well as bladed gauntlets on his forearms that could be used as melee weapons.


Superior Spider Swap

Using a mind swapping device, Doctor Octopus managed to transplant his consciousness into the body of Spider-Man while keeping all of Parker’s original memories to use to his advantage of usurping Spider-Man’s life (Amazing Spider-Man #698). After viewing Parker’s memories, Doc Ock decided to continue Parker’s role as Spider-Man in honor of him and to prove that he could be a better hero. Doc Ock devised a new suit to complement his more extreme and violent style of crime fighting.

Classic Superior Spider-Man

The first iteration of the Superior Spider-Man suit featured many minor and major modifications to appear more intimidating and aggressive to the criminals he now fights (Amazing Spider-Man #700). These include a new red and black color scheme, altering the design of the spider emblem on the back of the suit, carbonadium lining inside the mask to prevent potential mind swaps, adding new goggle-like glass lenses to the mask which included a heads up display inside the mask and tracking features, and talons on the hands and feet that can be used to tear at enemies and inject nano spider-tracers into fleeing criminals.


Superior Spider 2.0

When the first suit that Spider-Man/Doc Ock used was destroyed in battle he upgraded the design into a far more fearsome appearance, making him appear more like a villain than the hero he sought to be (Superior Spider-Man #14). Keeping the red and black colors, this new suit featured many of the same capabilities as the previous one (such as the talons and hi tech lenses) with a number of additions.

One of the newest additions were the four spider arms housed on the back of the suit used to increase the Superior Spider-Man’s combative capabilities. The spider arms are seemingly based off of the mechanical tentacles used by Doctor Octopus in his original body as well as the spider arms of the Iron Spider suit.

The suit’s gauntlets on the forearms featured a communications device and also housed his computer’s AI program (similar to the AI programs used by Iron Man in the MCU films).


Deadly Upgrade

After Peter Parker regained his body from Doctor Octopus, he and Deadpool teamed up and were confronted by a deadly and psychotic new foe named Itsy Bitsy (Spider-Man/Deadpool #9). Having all of the powers and abilities of Spider-Man and Deadpool, Itsy Bitsy proved more than a match for the both of them. Initially wanting to join the two red clad heroes in fighting crime, her violent methods were too much for them and she decided to kill them instead. Seeing Itsy Bitsy as an extremely dangerous threat with the combined powers of the two heroes, Spider-Man donned an upgraded Superior Spider-Man armor in order to finally kill her (Spider-Man/Deadpool #17).

The suit’s upgrades include white lenses (to differentiate between this and Dock Ock’s version of the suit) which features the same heads up display from the previous Superior Spider-Man suit and his MK IV armor, enhanced spider arms with an additional claw on each arm, laser beams attached to the spider arms as well as separate laser units attached to the suit’s backpack system that are powerful enough to dissect things at the atomic level, web wings for gliding through the air, and a new nerve hacking technology used in the issue to communicate with Deadpool in real time by beaming messages to Deadpool’s aural nerve (like built in radio communications). The suit, though, does not include the gauntlets from the second version of the suit that housed Doc Ock’s AI system, instead being replaced by the Webware system developed by Parker Industries and used in his MK IV armor.

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