11 Spider-Man Superpowers you Probably Didn’t Know About

Spider-Man, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, this seems to be the case.

With Spider-Man: Homecoming having been out since the beginning of this month, here is a list of all the powers that our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man has used in his publication history.

(Disclaimer: This list includes powers used by and how they’re portrayed in the mainstream comic book version of Spider-Man aka Peter Parker of Earth-616.)

1. “My spider-senses are tingling!”

One of Spidey’s most recognizable powers is his Spider-Sense, a sort of danger sense that manifests as a tingling in the back of his skull. The exact nature of this extrasensory power is not known, but the Master Weaver concludes it is enabled to his connection to the Web of Life and Destiny (Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #15). In the comics it is shown that his Spider-Sense reacts to any sort of threat to himself; from bullets fired (with enough distance) to enemies sneaking up on him and is used by Spider-Man to successfully navigate the buildings of New York while web slinging through the city. These senses, however, do not indicate exactly what threat is coming upon him, or exactly where it will be coming from. They also do not react to anything that Spider-Man does not consider a threat such as family and friends.

As an addition to his Spider-Sense, Spidey’s reflexes are also superhumanly enhanced so as to give him enough time to react whenever his Spider-Senses go off. In the comics, when Spider-Man was rendered temporarily blind by a new villain taking up the Vulture persona, he successfully used his Spider-Senses to navigate himself while moving through the city in a similar to way Daredevil uses his Radar Sense (‘Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27’).

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2.  Wall Crawling

The second of Spider-Man’s most recognizable powers is his wall crawling ability. Unlike in the 2002 Sam Raimi film, Spider-Man achieves his wall crawling through controlling interatomic attractive forces between molecules, or in easier terms electrostatic force ( Check out the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe). While this certain power hasn’t been described in detail in the comics it has been shown that Spider-Man can use this ability throughout his entire body, not just his hands and feet. He has been shown to carry several tons per finger with this ability and used it at least once to prevent himself from being unmasked by making his mask stick to his face.

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3. The Mark of Kaine

An extension of his wall crawling power, the Mark of Kaine originates from an amoral clone of Peter Parker known as Kaine. The Mark of Kaine is an offensive use of the wall crawling ability and is used by Kaine to burn distinctive hand shaped scars onto the face of his victims. For Peter aka Spider-Man, he has only used this move out of desperation and anger (Amazing Spider-Man #598) such as the Grim Hunt storyline where he uses it on Sasha Kravinoff, the wife of Kraven the Hunter. Because of the rage Spider-Man felt for the actions of the Kravinoffs against him and his ‘Spider-Family’ and sacrificing Kaine to resurrect Kraven, he used the Mark of Kaine to rip the skin off of her face in the shape of a hand print (Amazing Spider-Man #637).

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4. Superhuman Strength

It is widely known that Spider-Man has the proportionate strength of a spider, which allows him to lift and throw several tons of weight. He’s seen carrying large vehicles, holding up collapsing buildings with is webs as tethers, and easily knocking out regular humans with the slightest tap. His strength extends to his legs as well, allowing him to jump several stories in a single bound (Spider-Man #26). Consequently, because Spider-Man (in the comics) deals primarily with street level thugs he must pull his punches significantly so he doesn’t significantly injure someone, much less kill them (Spider-Man Versus Wolverine #1). When Doctor Octopus’ mind inhabited the body of Spider-Man, he showed no restraint as he punched off Scorpion’s jaw (Amazing Spider-Man #700) and even managing to impress Thor and the Hulk by budging while they held him down (Superior Spider-Man Team Up #1).

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5. Superhuman Durability

His body is also far tougher and resistant than a normal humans, taking blows from some of the strongest heroes and villains in the Marvel universe and still getting back up to fight and has been shown surviving a missile explosion at point blank range (Amazing Spider-Man #524). In fact, it’s stated that his body is so tough that he must ‘roll with the punches’ so villains and other fighters of far lesser strength do not harm themselves when they successfully land a hit on him (Sensational Spider-Man #35).

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6. Superhuman Speed, Agility, & Equilibrium

Spider-Man’s speed is also similarly enhanced to the point where he can outrun even the finest human athletes, and can easily catch up to an accelerating vehicle while on foot. In combat he can move fast enough that he appears as a blur to those without enhanced abilities (Heroes for Hire Vol 3 #6) and with his reflexes up to 40 times greater than an average person can outmaneuver attacks from any angle with the help of his Spider-Senses (Spider-Man: Inside the World of Your Friendly Neighborhood Hero, Updated Edition). His body is also extremely limber and has been shown to perform complicated gymnastic and acrobatic feats that surpasses what Captain America and Daredevil are capable of. In addition, his body is also in possession of perfect equilibrium, allowing him to find his balance in any position possible by instinct (Spider-Man The Ultimate Guide #1).

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7. Healing Factor & Immunity

Spider-Man is able to heal himself from minor injuries in a very short amount of time and from severe injuries within several days. In one instance, he suffered intense 3rd degree burns after an encounter with the villain Firebrand and was completely healed and was completely healed by the next issue (Amazing Spider-Man #700.3 & #700.4). When he embraced the mystical side of his powers, life threatening injuries he sustained in battle as well as his tonsils that were removed as a child were all completely healed (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 #4). His body also has a higher tolerance for drugs and diseases compared to regular humans, only being affected by extreme doses while still recovering rapidly. Because the spider that bit him was radioactive, in the comics he is immune to the effects of vampirism since his radioactive blood cures him of the vampiric bite (Blade Vol 5 #1). However, Spider-Man does still have a human level tolerance for alcohol and susceptible to the chemicals found in insect pesticides.

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8. Spider Stingers

A lesser known power of Spider-Man that originates from the mystical side of his powers when he became the receptacle of the Spider Totem known as The Other (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Vol 1 #3). Similar to Wolverine’s bone claws, Spider-Man at developed retractable bone stingers in his forearms that sprung out from below his wrist. These stingers released a powerful venom that could paralyze a person for several hours and proved fatal to invulnerable, supernatural threats. Eventually, Spider-Man loses his connection to The Other and all of the powers that came with it including the Spider Stingers.

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9. Organic Webbing

Originally, the radioactive spider bite that gave Peter Parker his powers did not grant him the ability to generate his own webbing (unlike other Spider heroes who gained their powers in the same/similar manner). When his powers were augmented by an enemy known as the Spider Queen (The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 2 #20), Spider-Man eventually gained the ability to generate webbing on his own through spinnerets near his wrists (made famous, again, by the 2002 Sam Raimi film). The webbing produced by Spider-Man was limited by his body’s own health and nutrition while sharing many of the same properties as the artificial webbing used before.

10. Psychic Alignment with Arthropods

In addition to gaining organic webbing after having his powers augmented by the Spider Queen (The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 2 #20), Spider-Man also gained a psychic connection to his environment, specifically spiders and insects. He could not directly communicate with or command them, but he could influence them to a certain extent.

11. Captain Universe Power Set

A unique set of powers that are completely separate from Parker’s spider powers. The Captain Universe powers come from the Enigma Force, a mystical energy field in the Marvel Comic Universe. These powers are granted to individuals in times of great danger and grants them high levels of power (cosmic level strength, flight, and energy manipulation among others) while enhancing whatever powers they have to even greater heights. When Spider-Man carried the Enigma Force (The Spectacular Spider-Man #158) he was physically strong enough to one-punch the Incredible Hulk into orbit and gained energy manipulating powers and the power of flight (Amazing Spider-Man #328).

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