…and Celebrate Creativity, Hilarity, and The New Collaboration Between 10Barrel Brewing Co and WILDFANG Streetwear

There’s a type of crosstitute that refers to a cross-dressing prostitute. These guys are not them. They are a collection of rad as f$*&# ladies bringing you the dopest series of cross stitch pieces you’ve ever seen.

And tonight they’re taking part in the launch party of a brand new beer from one of my personal favorite breweries, 10Barrel Brewing Co., in collaboration with the killer clothing brand WILDFANG.

Both the Crosstitutes and 10barrel are native to the idyllic town of Bend, OR and take pride in crafting goods dedicated to delivering originality, quality, and a unique sense of humor. WILDFANG is a quick trip away based in Portland, OR, spending their time wrecking the establishment of “female fashion” with their passion for pieces traditionally labeled as menswear. This Thursday, if you’re lucky enough to live in the Portland area or close enough to make your way, catch the dream team at WILDFANG’s shop for the GRLPWR Sour Beer launch party.

The Crosstitutes also operate a branch of their company under the name Girl Gang. When WILDFANG started working with 10barrel, the planners at 10B knew the sentiment the Crosstitutes had produced under Girl Gang were wonderfully cohesive with WILDFANG and immediately asked them to work the launch party on behalf of 10barrel. The brands really are perfect compliments, the story another wonderful example of beer, once again, forming friendships and building bridges. Go beer! Go girls! Let’s get into it.

I hotline blinged my girl Hayley to get all the dirtiest details

First and foremost, do you think the phrase, “I hotline blinged my girl,” is cheesy?

H: Haha, nope, I love it. It’s perfect.

Tell me how you got started with Crosstitutes and your team!

H: It’s me and my best friend, Brioni Deege. We just started out making funny shit at our house and people were like, “oh my god, you guys could totally sell this.” So we made an Instagram and it popped off from there. Then we recruited our friend Serena Vendejas who was already stitching on her own. She’s really good and has a different style than us, so we were super excited to have her on board. We also added Anna Stanton, another friend and awesome artist. From there we started having pop-up shops in our backyard, then we got into a few stores around Bend and finally we made an Etsy because we felt like we wanted to reach a broader audience. Our main traffic is still through Instagram, though.

How long have you been at it now?

H: We celebrated our one-year anniversary on May 17th. We had a party at a local bar and had our friend DJ and it was super fun! Because of that we were able to start stitching local businesses logos, like our favorite bars and such.

I know you guys had a recent collab with the clothing brand undateable (check it out, @the_undateable_collection on Instagram), which is rad. How’d you get to be the lucky ones representing 10barrel at the WILDFANG party?

H: It was facilitated through 10barrel, where Bri and I both work. The girls who put on all the events at 10B knew about our Girl Gang and they were already in touch with WILDFANG, fleshing out their collaboration. When the event started to take off, the planners knew Girl Gang would be the perfect fit to work the event. So we’re going to wear our Girl Gang attire and bring a few stitches and hopefully become best friends with WILDFANG.

What’s the process behind selecting a type of beer to brew and have it represent a specific ideal? I’m having a hard time containing my excitement because sour beers are my favorite and 10barrel does them right.

H: The lady that made the beer, Tanya, is an incredible and very renowned brewer. She’s probably the most decorated female brew master in the United States. So 10B wanted to work with Tanya and her passion is sours. After the higher ups at 10barrel settled on the flavors of pineapple and mint it all came together. They had a whole bunch of the girls give their input and it became the GRLPWR Sour.

How long has 10barrel and WILDFANG been working together? The first I saw of it was your post on Instagram last night.

H: I think it’s been a couple months, so not very long. Everyone on both teams were super excited to work together to bust it out quickly. They haven’t even officially bottled the beer yet.

That’s crazy! Do you guys have any collaborations coming up we can look forward to?

H: We’re really trying to get our hands on literally anything! We’re hoping we’ll be able to start selling coach jackets our friend Tanner Smith makes, his company is called Forestry Clothing. They’re screen-printed, waterproof, and super dope. We’ve also been doing a lot of pillows lately, and testing out sewing on different things. We’re really interested in learning how to do patches too.

I know how hard it is to balance working full time while trying to build a passion into a career. Do you hope to make Crosstitutes a full-time gig in the future?

H: Absolutely. We just got our logo made, a local tattoo artist drew it up and its super dope and we have tons of plans in the future to expand the line. It would already be pretty lucrative if we took all the styles we have requested, but we’re trying to stay true to our brand and a lot of ideas just don’t quite fit.

That was my next question. So you do take requests?

H: Yes, absolutely. But if it’s not on-brand we don’t always go with it, we strive to stay true to our creative vision.

Respect. How long have you guys been cross-stitching now?

H: I’ve been cross-stitching since I was very little. My family does the super traditional kits like cats and cabins and the like. Then when I moved back to Bend from Boise I actually taught Bri how to do it, about two years ago. Then Anna and Serena pre-taught themselves.

Alright! Give me the details and location of the launch party so all of your Oregon babes can show up and support!

H: The party is at WILDFANG in Portland today from 7pm – 9pm PDT.

Any final words on the vision?

H: Girls supporting girls is our main focus, since we’ve all been taught that we’re in competition with each other. And that means tearing one another down. We’re all trying to get rid of that dated idea, the goal being to build every female up. It’s like how drunk girls are in the bathrooms at your favorite bar, but all the time.

Check out Crosstitutes at their Etsy page, on Facebook, or on Instagram @crosstitutes.

Peep the entire WILDFANG line online.

Get into 10barrel Brewing by visiting one of their many pacific northwest locations, or on their site.

Forestry Clothing is another incredible brand that plants a tree for every item you purchase, visit their website or Instagram @forestryclothing

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