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A video of Travis Scott blasting some of his friends in VIP for being glued to their phones has been circulating the internet since last week:

(check that out here). A ton of artists have done the same, companies and venues are working on ways to create phone free spaces, and honestly, we’re tired of it too. We get it, you want all your friends to know you’re at a show. Take a picture, send a snap, we do it! Like everything else, moderation is key. You’re missing the show you paid to see, your photos are probably going to look like crap (there are professionals capturing the moment for you, don’t worry), and no one wants to see a million shaky snaps while you’re screaming over the band anyway.

You’re at a concert. Your foot will be stepped on, you’ll be bumped, someone is going to be way too drunk – but you don’t have to be the asshole. Here are a few more things to avoid doing at shows so you don’t become “that guy” to everyone around you.

If you get to a show late, stand where you can.

If you want to dodge the opener you don’t get to shove through the crowd late to get to the front, especially as a group. If the show is general admission, the people in front earned their spot by getting there early and claiming their space. If you’re a big fan, get to the venue before doors, don’t be a dick.

Stop talking.

You may not like the song that’s playing, you might have been dragged to the show you’re at, you may be bored, but we can hear you and we would much rather hear the band we paid to see. If you want to chat the entire gig please do it by the bar, in the lobby, or outside. Saying something between songs or a quick anecdote about a song that’s playing is chill, we won’t shush you, but don’t ruin the entire set with your obnoxious commentary.

Quit yelling out requests.

99% of the shows you go to will have a pre-determined set list, I promise. We know you want to hear your favorite song from that album three years ago, we want to hear it too, but they either will or they won’t play it and it has nothing to do with your shouting. Oh yeah, and for the love of all things holy, STOP YELLING OUT “FREEBIRD” that shit has NEVER been funny.

Don’t get so fucked up you puke.

This seems like a no brainer, and I’ll spare you the gif on this one, but there’s always that one person who hurls at a big show. It’s fun to have a few drinks, or whatever loosens you up, but if you’re going to get blisteringly drunk you’re pretty much guaranteed to make an ass out of yourself. It sucks to be the person that puked at a show but it sucks way more to be the person stuck standing beside it.

I’ve had a stranger hold my spot at a show while I went to grab us drinks and I’ve been consoled by someone’s husband while quietly weeping after an intense performance of an emotional AF song. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the moment. A little consideration and respect goes a long way, the concert community is a kind one.

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