Dragonzord Power! (Inside the Comic)

Previously on the Power Rangers! Scorpina had just ambushed Tommy, the Green Ranger, in his own home demanding his power coin from him. Meanwhile, Billy and Trini run diagnostic checkups on the Dragonzord where we see some of Billy’s insecurities rise to the surface (like Tommy’s in the previous article). The intellect of the group, Billy feels more of an outsider now that another fighter like Jason and Trini has joined the team. Unlike Tommy, Billy has Trini to lean on and share his doubts about himself while she reminds him of everything that he has to offer to the team that no one else could.

While Billy and Trini continue examining the Dragonzord, Scorpina demands the Green Ranger Power Coin from Tommy before threatening his family. Thinking fast, Tommy teleports the both of them far away from his house where Scorpina then crushes his communicator before morphs into action! Summoning a squad of Putties, Tommy starts fighting his way through them to survive.

We next see the Pink Ranger, Kimberly, as she waits at the dojo where Jason (the Red Ranger) teaches karate as his class lets out for the night. Kimberly mentions her parents fighting over visitation (a clear nod to the original series where her parents are divorced) and Jason brings up her and Tommy being more than just friends (which was also alluded to in the original series). Jason and Kimberly then get a call from Zordon and Alpha about Tommy’s battle against Scorpina and her squad of Putties. Tommy slashes and stabs into the Putties with his Dragon Dagger before he is attacked from behind by Scorpina and then restrained by the Putties. As Scorpina reaches for his morpher and power coin, Rita (who is viewing the battle on her crystal ball) comments on Tommy’s ferocity in battle and exclaims that his tenacity and abilities are why he was chosen as her Green Ranger in the first place.

Before Scorpina can take Tommy’s morpher the Pink, Black, and Red Rangers arrive to free Tommy from her clutches. Once Tommy is freed from the Putties by Kimberly, he rushes towards Scorpina as she begins to teleport away. Then ‘Rita’ (Tommy’s self doubt) appears and begins to criticize Tommy’s decisions in the battle and comparing Tommy to Jason, insinuating that Jason is a far more capable Power Ranger than Tommy could ever be. As the other Jason and the others finish dealing with the remaining Putties, Tommy returns and explains the situation; how Scorpina ambushed him in his home and how he teleported the both of them away so he could fight her. As Jason replies saying they wish they could have been there faster Tommy snaps back and gets defensive, saying he was blindsided and did everything that he could in the situation.

Once they return to the Command Center, the Ranger Team discuss with Zordon Rita’s attack on Tommy in his own home and her aim of reclaiming the Dragon Coin. With Tommy stating again that she’ll never take it from him, the others ask Billy if he found out anything after inspecting the Dragonzord. Billy replies that he found nothing wrong with the Dragonzord and that it had just stopped listening to Tommy’s commands. When the others ask why something like that would happen, Zordon answers that all of the Ranger’s Zords are connected to them and that they react to the feelings of their Ranger. While Zordon explains everything, ‘Rita’ has been whispering in Tommy’s ear how everything that went wrong with the Dragonzord was all Tommy’s fault. Tommy begins to stress out and exclaims outloud that he’s tired of listening to her before he passes out.

We next see two of Rita’s cronies, Squatt and Baboo, as they bring food to her former general Goldar in the dark dimension where he is being held for failing Rita after the Green Ranger was freed from her control. The prideful warrior refuses their offer as he willingly takes any punishment that his empress puts upon him for his failures.

Tommy then wakes up in his home and sees his mother had been waiting by his side. She mentions his friends bringing him back after he had fainted and explains what wonderful friends he’s made, who happen to be Power Rangers! Confused as to how and why his mom knows their secret, she suddenly pulls her face off and is revealed as Rita in disguise! She starts making her way towards Tommy as he panics and starts to back away from her. Then he wakes up again, revealing that everything he saw was a dream and that he was still in the Command Center with Zordon and the rest of the Rangers. As the Rangers worry about what’s happening with Tommy, Rita comments on Tommy losing control over himself and revealing that though the Green Ranger is no longer under her control, she is still able to connect with him and monitor his every action, which includes what happens with Zordon and the others. She then welcomes back Scorpina as she admits her failure to take back the power coin for her. Surprisingly, Rita is fine with the outcome of the fight against the Rangers, specifically forcing Tommy to use his powers to fight off Scorpina and her forces. With the chaos crystal absorbing the Green Ranger energy used in the fight between Scorpina and Tommy, Rita begins the final act of her plan. Retrieving one of the Putties that was stabbed through with the Dragon Dagger, Finster (Rita’s monster creator) uses the wound to create a mould of the Dragon Dagger so with Rita’s magic they can make a copy dagger.

Back at the Command Center, Tommy is being put through a scanner as Trini observes his vitals. After talking about their personal lives and plans for the future, Trini asks Tommy if he remembers anything from when he was under Rita’s control. Tommy doesn’t answer, but before they can continue a loud boom is heard outside of the Command Center. When Tommy, Trini, and Alpha 5 go outside to see what’s going on, the Dragonzord roars into view and attacks them, crushing Alpha under it’s giant claw! Morphing into action, Tommy tries to teleport into the Dragonzord’s cockpit but he’s being blocked from entering. Trini then calls her Sabertooth Tigerzord to fight off the rampaging Dragonzord while Tommy attempts to use his Dragon Dagger to regain control of the mighty zord. When it lunges forward and tries to attack Tommy, he suddenly wakes up again and finds himself back inside the Command Center with Trini. Another dream. After Trini tells Tommy he was just dreaming, she notices something odd with his scan results.

While Trini and Tommy are back at the Command Center, Jason and the others are meeting in a diner where they discuss Tommy. Zack voices his concern over Rita’s choice for her evil Green Ranger and questions if he’s still under her spell or not. Kimberly defends Tommy and adds that they should help him while Zack states they should still be careful around him as well. Jason voices his concerns as well and that they will help him. After fixing Tommy’s broken communicator, he receives a call from Zordon and they all return to the Command Center where Trini shares the results of Tommy’s scan. She shows a scan of Jason and his powers which are seen as stable, as are the other four Rangers. When she shows Tommy’s scan of his powers, they are seen as sporadic and unstable compared to the other five. Billy concludes that Tommy’s powers are connected to the Morphin Grid differently than the rest of theirs, pondering if Rita has anything to do with it. Zordon tells them that though they do not know everything about Tommy’s Green Ranger powers, it’s possible his body is still trying to adapt to them. Zack then asks if Rita is corrupting his connection to the Morphin Grid and is still influencing Tommy, which Kimberly shoots down. Tommy then finally reveals to the others what’s been going on in his head since they released him from Rita’s spell. Her appearing to him, talking to him, telling him that she wants him back on her side and that he’s nothing without her. Upset that he kept such a huge secret from them, Jason explains that he and the team can’t trust Tommy if Tommy can’t trust himself. The alarms suddenly go off and the Dragonzord appears on the viewing globe. With Scorpina controlling the zord with a golden Dragon Dagger powered by the chaos crystal, Rita commands her to begin the final assault…


To be continued.

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