5. DJ Khaled

While not technically a rapper, the Key to Success hip-hop mogul fits my perception of a Romphim supporter for two very simple reasons. Number one, DJ Khaled starts some trends but will always fall in line with other trends the vocal talent he surrounds himself with pioneer. The following four dream team rock the Romphim and DJ Khaled will fall in line. Number two, with all the tracksuits he wears, having not to focus too hard on a matching outfit – “Its all one piece? And all in a velour Robin Egg blue? …Another one.” – is definitely up his alley.

4. A$AP Rocky

Hear me out! Rocky has always been on the forefront of the fashion industry. Lord Pretty Flacko will wear a Romphim and, dammit, it will be the best Romphim. Why? It’ll be unique, perfectly tailored, and paired with exquisite accessories. Accessories that will find you asking yourself, “Damn, how much do you think that belt cost? Wait, is that belt breaking up a onesie? Wait, is that a Romphim??” A$AP Rocky will show up to the gala in a Romphim and still leave with your girl.

3. Chance the Rapper

Honestly, I’m a little on the fence too, but consider this – he’s already wearing a rainbow of overalls every day of the week. Chop the legs off those and Chance was rocking the Romphim before the frat bros licensed it. Do you know how hard it is to find a clean, cohesive outfit with your number one priority, your baby, running around causing a ruckus? I don’t, but my guess is Chance has relied so heavily on the overalls because its an outfit all-in-one and with these hot summer months coming up… the Romphim is the logical next step.

2. Drake

You saw it coming. Drake, an OVO Romphim, his timbs loosely laced. Crooning to your girl. She’s wearing the same romper. She’s his girl now.

1. Yung Thug

If the Romphim isn’t Yung Thug’s next album cover I’ll be surprised. He’s going to take a Romphim straight to Alessandro Trincone and have it patterned and recreated with the finest silks, dyes and artistic flairs you’ll never be able to afford. Then, he’s going to wear six in a row when the first entertainment magazine rips him a new one for not being masculine enough. Then, he’s going to perform Trap Trap Trap with Rick Ross and Wale and you’re going to watch the performance at home, alone, wishing you’d been there. In your new Romphim.

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