It’s Morphin’ Time! Inside the Comic

If you grew up in the ‘90s, then those 3 words were synonymous with your Saturday mornings as a kid. A team of teenagers with attitude gaining superpowers, brightly colored spandex, and giant robots to battle the forces of evil. I’m talking, of course, about the Power Rangers!

Adapted from Japan’s Super Sentai live action series, Power Rangers took the world by storm starting in 1993 with its wild and exciting action sequences and wide variety of allies, villains, and stories that continue to this very day. You can watch all new episodes of the Power Rangers on Nickelodeon and catch up with the all of its previous titles on Netflix.

The show’s popularity has also spawned a handful of movies with the original 1995 Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers The Movie, 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, and the latest 2017 reboot Saban’s Power Rangers. PR has also made its way into our hands through various toys, collectables, video games, and of course comic book titles, most recently the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers series published by Boom! Studios.Green Ranger: Year One

Boom! Studios (re)introduces the original Power Rangers team from the 90’s (Jason, Zack, Kimberly, Trini, Billy, and Tommy) as well as the villains and sets the same story we all grew up with over 2 decades ago but held within our own current timeline. Apple iPhones, the internet, YouTube (or a similar video hosting site) are seen and used by characters in this comic to find answers about who the Power Rangers really are, especially by Bulk and Skull.

The first volume, titled Green Ranger Year One, picks up right after the original 5 Rangers defeat the Green Ranger (Tommy) and break the spell Rita Repulsa has over him. We see more of the Ranger’s own personal lives as they go through each day attending school, worrying about tests, after school activities, and of course training themselves at the Command Center with Zordon and Alpha while Rita and her monsters wait to strike. Unlike the original television series where Tommy was welcomed almost unconditionally to the team (with the exception of an episode or two), we see more into his own inner thoughts about becoming an official Power Ranger as well as balancing life as the newest student at Angel Grove High. He’s seen as more impulsive, acting without hesitation in an attempt to prove to his friends and himself his worth as a Ranger while being haunted by his past and own insecurities that take the form of Rita taunting him about his worthlessness.

With Tommy trying to adjust to his new life as a Ranger, Rita and her team (who appear to be a far more competent and dangerous threat than seen in the original television series) come up with a new plot to defeat the Rangers that seems to involve Tommy and his Dragonzord. After sending down a giant armored monster for the Rangers to fight, we see Tommy’s impulsive actions nearly costing the lives of civilians after he inadvertently destroys a bridge with his Zords tail drill once it stops following his commands (as a further difference from the series, he’s shown commanding the Zord within its cockpit instead of using his Dragon Dagger). Back at the Command Center the Rangers argue about Tommy’s lack of teamwork and recklessness in battle while Zordon attempts to pacify the teens about their recent victory and prepares them for Rita’s next attack. Afterwards we see Scorpina pick up a mysterious crystal that had absorbed Green Ranger energy Tommy and his Zord from the wreckage of the monster’s defeat and taking it back to Rita.

We next see the Rangers back in the civilian lives at school, with Jason and Zack spending time in detention talking about their own uncertainty about Tommy joining their team and their faith in Zordon’s decision about it. Meanwhile, both Tommy and Kimberly are going through combat training which they ultimately fail at. Similar to the Kobayashi Maru from Star Trek, the exercise Zordon puts them through is designed to fail and evaluate how they deal with defeat. Tommy, not satisfied with the outcome, opts to run the exercise again on his own. We next see him at his home where none other than Scorpina appears demanding his power coin from him.

(End of Chapters 0 & 1)

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