Pop Culture Inspired Artists Killing the Game


We grew up surrounded by these well-known and loved faces of pop culture: The following artists have recreated them with their own spin, and it’s incredible. If you’ve been looking for some artists to follow that share in the same interests as your inner child/nerd, you’ll want to take a look at the below.


1. The Dope Chief

Hailing from Hamilton Ontario, this artist creates interesting and captivating works inspired mostly from well-known and influential cartoons and characters alike. Some popular works features subjects such as, The Simpsons, Super Mario Characters, The Rugrats, Futurama, and more.  At first glance, the use of extreme bright colors and “deteriorating” style can almost make the viewer second guess what they’re looking at – is it dope… or is it gross…? IT’S DEFINITELY DOPE. 

The Dope Chief caters to an audience that is different, and is attracted to a unique visual spin on pop culture subjects we all know and love.

If you can’t handle seeing your favorite childhood video game character as a neon-blood-dripping zombie, or your late night cartoon go-to’s face melting off into a gruesomely delicious goo — his art might not be for you.

 But if you’re like us, and find yourselves becoming growingly obsessed with his work, his online shop carries 11×14 art prints starting at a super affordable, $8.00. You can collect your favorites without breaking the bank. He also has a line of stickers, pins, and patches if wearable items are more your style.

You can follow THE DOPE CHIEF here:

Instagram: @thedopechief

Website: DopeChief.com

Facebook: DOPE CHIEF

2. Van Orton Design

Van Orton is a design partnership made up of twin brothers who are already heavy hitters in the graphic design and illustration world. Their IMPRESSIVE professional client list includes: Marvel, Warner Brothers, Rolling Stone, Netflix, and DreamWorks. They are masters in the art of color theory and composition. In their works, you may recognize famous athletes, musicians, gaming/comic book characters, and famous movie scenes.

Their art is an almost perfect marriage between insane technical design skills, and the chaos that is pairing intricate detail with numerous patterns and color (a no-no in art school, *eye roll*). According to their website, the majority of their exhibitions take place in Los Angeles (Hero Complex Gallery), and San Fransisco (Spoke Art).

Comic book nerds, and movie buffs alike: their prints and posters are available on numerous online marketplace platforms, so we suggest heading overt to their website to find out where.

You can follow VAN ORTON DESIGN here:

Instagram: @vanortondesign

Website: VanOrtonDesign.com

Behance: Van Orton Design


3. Sugarbones Art & Design

Alright, we’re gonna get a little bit more girly now. Cheyenne Federiconi is the one woman show powering the brand, Sugarbones. She is a Canadian artist who’s work is inspired by cartoons and feminine idols. Unlike the previous color driven artists, her style flows on a consistent color palette – usually just 3-4 colors per design. This gives her characters a true cartoon-y vibe, as well as being bold, airy, and lusciously girly.

She is very well-known for her gorgeous mermaid illustrations, if you can imagine Ariel having a bad-bitch group of friends, they’d probably look a lot like Sugarbones! She is also very well known for her Magical Girl collection, which is based of everyone girl’s childhood here, Sailor Moon. Other notable collections we love being Chemical X, and Fight Like a Girl.

 If your interested in seeing a sexy twist on the most badass heroines (and villains) in the game, you’ll want to keep checkin in on her. She sells stickers, pins, patches, and occasional apparel of her dope designs.

 You can follow SUGARBONES here:

Instagram: @sugarbone

Website: SugarBones.net


4. Mister G.

Last but not least, we have the hand-lettering extraordinaire, Mister G. His art has become quite popular on Dribbble, a social networking site for digital designers – primarily as a calligrapher. Just recently however, he’s been changing it up with what he calls, “Grime Art.”

Mister G. is an artist based out of Scotland, but his media subjects pertain to American pop culture. His, “Grime Art“ is basically photos of recognizable figures in pop culture, that he illustrates as having dripping, zombie-like faces. He’s done the likes of N.W.A, Katy Perry, Wiz Khalifa, and Marilyn Monroe.

There’s no where that we can find to purchase his art, but you sure as heck can follow him on his social sites to see his amazing lettering and Grime Art.

 You can follow MISTER G here:

Dribbble: mistergdesigns


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